Administrative Staff

Rocky Binder, Director
Robbie Arnold, Assistant Director
Shannon Clark, Assistant Director
Dana Arnold, Administrative Assistant
Molly Favret, Marketing
Taylor Rock, Media and Promotions

Design & Technical Staff

Byron Valentine, Artistic Director
Leon May, Staging and Soundtrack Design

Robbie Arnold, Design
Shannon Clark, Design

Tyler Teran, Design

Sean Hall, Design
Jaasiel Wilson, Choreographer

Lee Eachus, Choreographer

Dana Arnold, Consultant

Rocky Binder, Consultant

Elizabeth Glass, Technician

CJ McCrory, Technician/Design
Steven Griffie, Technician/Design

Amanda Morris, Technician

Megan Isles Scott, Technician

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Board of Directors

Rocky Binder, President
Stacey Wasson Moore, Vice President
Vanessa Norman, Treasurer
Dana Arnold, Secretary