2011 Falling Slowly
2012 For the Boys (WGI IA Bronze Medalist)
2013 Joy! of Cooking (WGI IO Semi-finalist, 16th place)
2014 Charlotte's Magnum Opus (WGI IO Bronze Medalist)
2015 Inactive
2016 The Trail's End (WGI IO Bronze Medalist)

2017 Once Upon Another Time (WGI IW Finalist, 12th place)

2018 The Noisy Paint Box (WGI IW Semi Finalist, 18th place)

2019 Sonnet 27: Sleeping Alone (WGI IW Finalist, 14th place)

2020 Where Are The Clowns (Well, Maybe Next Year)

2021 Wait For Me (WGI E-Showcase)

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