Audition Submission
Audition Video Submission


Set youtube video privacy to "unlisted"

Thanks for auditioning for Lexis World 2021!

Audition Video Requirements

-November 23rd - Video Submission Deadline

-Audition video must be uploaded to youtube and submitted via youtube link. Set privacy to unlisted.

-Make sure your body and equipment are in the camera frame for the entirety of your video so the staff can accurately assess your submission.

-Wear form-fitting athletic clothing, we want to be able to assess and appreciate your beautiful lines!

-At the start of your video, include a brief introduction for yourself.


-Everyone must submit the movement piece and at least one equipment piece (may submit multiple pieces of equipment)

-At the end of your video, include any tricks you'd like to showcase for the staff. Don't be shy, show us what you've got!