Audition Day

Date & Time

Sunday, September 15th, 2019

Henry E. Baker Intermediate

1645 Martin Luther King Drive, Winchester, Kentucky 40391


Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

What To Bring

            You should bring any forms (Membership Application and Medical Release Form) you have completed in advance accompanied by the audition fee. We will also have the forms available at the registration desk. Additionally, you should bring water, snacks and lunch, and your weapons if you plan to spin rifle or sabre.

            Flags should be on a 6 foot pole and solid colored silks are encouraged. We will have several flags on hand and a few sabres. Please send us a message if you would like to reserve a sabre for the day.

What To Wear

            You should wear form fitting clothing such as dance tights, yoga pants, or other form fitting garments. Clothing should be comfortable and allow full motion of the body. Baggy, loose clothing is discouraged. You will also need athletic shoes for equipment blocks. Hair should be worn back, away from the face.

What To Expect

            Auditions will begin with a stretch and movement class. This class will address Lexis movement basics, traveling across the floor, and a short piece of choreography.
            The second segement of auditions involves equipment classes. Auditionees are encouraged to choose the piece of equipment (flag, rifle, or sabre) on which they feel the strongest. The equipment class will consist of Lexis technique elements and will incorporate body movement under equipment as part of the technique. The class will conclude with a short piece of choreography.

            There will be a break for lunch between the two classes.

What Is Expected Of Me

            You are auditioning for a nationally competitive winter guard. We expect a great attitude, strong work ethic, and "full out" performance and effort all day. You should always be prompt and on time.

When To Expect Results To Be Announced

            Within two days of the audition you will receive an e-mail from the director or staff of Lexis Winter Guard to discuss your results. You will either receive a 'call-back' invitation to the September 22nd audition, or will be informed skill areas in which you need to improve upon in order to meet the criteria needed for this level of performance in future years.

            Performance contracts will be offered after the call-back audition.

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